Too often, particularly small businesses, miss the mark when it comes to the Logos and Email Addresses for their Business.

This short video breaks down why it is important to have these as part of your “brand” but most importantly, the right way to go about it for professionalism and consistency.

In summary:


This is an expense, but well-worth. Find a great Graphic Designer, they’ll not only design what you need BUT they’ll hand over your logo in multiple formats and a branding sheet with the colour codes and font type used.

Note: It is essential to have a logo that is fitting all social media and website platforms (amongst others), particularly with a transparent background!! A MUST.

Email Address

This is a little pet peeve of mine, especially when I see business vehicles with professional decal as to their services and then see them fall flat with an @bigpond or @yahoo or @gmail email address.

If you’ve taken the time (and expense) to build a business then getting the logo and email address right is crucial.

Any questions, comment below or reach out and let me know.